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Pretoria-based company Red-i-Laser’s internal laser bore sights are designed for rifles, handguns, shotguns, machine guns, air-defense systems, aircraft cannons and even grenade launchers.

The battery-powered Red-i is machined from high-grade brass and stainless steel to the precise dimensions of the specific cartridge. It’s fitted with a high-quality laser, aligned and checked to be 100% accurate on a centre jig. Place the Red-i into the chamber like a cartridge. Close the chamber (as by closing the bolt of a bolt-action rifle) for the built-in switch to activate an intense laser beam that shines down the barrel, perfectly aligned with the centre axis.

Bore sighting aligns the optical axis of the scope sight mounted above the barrel with the bore’s axis, giving the reference point where the bullet’s flight path first intersects it, about 25m from the muzzle.

The Red-i enables you to check the alignment of the scope sight or other sighting system anywhere, any time – without firing a shot. Carried in your pocket like any other cartridge, it saves time, ammunition, expense, and occasionally your shoulder from recoil. It’s an essential weapon accessory for any shooter.

The Red-i can be used as a reference bore sight for a rifle already sighted with a specific load at a specific range. Document the load and sighting distance, then insert the Red-i into the chamber and close the bolt to activate the laser. Aim at a target 25m away and measure the laser dot’s position in relation to the scope’s crosshairs – how many millimetres above or below, left or right. This position will stay the same for this specific load and sighting distance, and you’d never have to repeat the procedure.

Red-i-Laser stocks laser bore sights for over 100 rifle cartridges from .223 Remington (5,56 NATO) to .700 Nitro Express, shotgun cartridges, wildcat cartridges and handgun cartridges larger than calibre 9mm.

Article written by C.J. Nel
Assistant Editor
Farmer’s Weekly

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